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We can’t achieve our vision of building successful, vibrant communities by ourselves. We work with a wide range of partners across all sectors to promote social, environmental and economic well-being, and provide creative solutions to address local issues. Here are some examples of key partnerships from across the neighbourhoods where we play a significant role.

If you would like more information on the partnerships listed, or are interested in working in partnership with Great Places please contact us.

Find out more about our Partners

Modular Allianz

What is it?

Great Places is part of the Modular Allianz, a North West based partnership which intends to seek new routes to increase the supply of homes. By working together partners can share knowledge and analyse data from pilot projects to understand the best ways to achieve this. The University of Salford lead the group in the form of a commissioned Knowledge Transfer Partnership and the management board is chaired by Manchester City Council.

Though off site construction methods have been around for many years, they have failed to meet their full potential.

The Modular Allianz seeks to review efforts of the past, options available today and understand the benefits of
maximising off site construction with a view to increasing housing delivery.

Further advantages include reduced levels of defects, faster delivery, improved safety and more environmentally friendly output.

Who’s involved?

Great Places (as representative of Innovation Chain North West), other procurement frameworks including JV North and Cutting Edge, other housing associations, Manchester City Council and University of Salford.

What contribution does Great Places make?

Great Places represents ICNW on the Modular Allianz management board, an unincorporated association with
non-commercial purposes. Great Places, along with other partners, jointly fund the Modular Allianz.

What’s been achieved?

A full review of the current off site construction situation in the UK, experiences of the past, understanding of the
market and options and a review of pilot projects has been completed. This report made recommendations for further
research and analysis, as well as further pilot projects.

How’s it helping residents?

By exploring options and sharing knowledge to deliver more homes in a faster, more environmentally friendly and
consistent manner.

What’s planned for the future?

As part of a three year programme, further reviews of pilot projects are underway and this information will be shared
with partners and analysed to understand its implications. Routes to procure modular and off site construction will then
be further reviewed and options for delivery considered.

Langworthy Cornerstone

What is it?

Langworthy Cornerstone is a large modern multipurpose community centre in the heart of Seedley and Langworthy,
Salford. The centre hosts and provides a wide range of services and activities for the local community and has a variety
of both hourly rental rooms and office space available for hire.

The centre is managed by a local charity called Langworthy Cornerstone Association, whose main purpose is to improve the health & wellbeing of the people of Salford, especially those of Seedley & Langworthy.

What contribution does Great Places make?

Great Places both supports and leads on a wide range of activities and services taking place at the centre, providing
funding, coordinating projects, promoting provision and running events. Recent and ongoing projects Great Places is
helping to provide include:

  • Limitless – A youth group for 12-18 year olds, giving young people the opportunity to have a say in what happens in the local area and make a difference. Other partners include, Salix Homes and Salford Foundation.
  • The Opportunities Club – The club helps local people access support in variety of things, such as health, money advice, employment and how to use computers. It is run by a group of local residents, who give the club a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Manweb – This is a programme of activities aimed at improving the wellbeing of men in the local area. Activities include football, a history group and Brews not Booze!
  • Counselling – This is a brand new referral only service for 2017-18 and Great Places tenants, giving support on a range  of issues.
  • Wacky Winter Warmer event – This was a free large scale event with around 16 activities, including music, food, taster sessions and giveaways, organised to promote energy saving initiatives, attract new attendees to the centre and showcase the activities on offer.

What’s been achieved?

  • Limitless – A group of over 10 youths has been brought together, they have consulted the local community and other young people, developed a brand and are organising litter picks, intergenerational cafes and homelessness packs.
  • The Opportunities Club – since recording began 2016-17, the club has helped around 60 people, 8 of the 15 contacted after attending the club, had started work, volunteering or a course. Most of those agreed that the club had played and important part in achieving this goal and that attending had improved their confidence/ability.
  • Manweb – The programme has had over 80 men engage in a range of activities, combating social isolation, creating opportunities for local men to participate in exercise while encouraging better mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Winter Warmer event – This was a free large scale event with around 16 activities, including music, food,
    taster sessions and giveaways, organised to promote energy saving initiatives, attract new attendees to the centre and showcase the activities on offer.
  • 75 Gym or Swim vouchers, over 100 meals, generated 90 new signups to local activities and had 48 questionnaires
    completed by Timebank volunteers.

What is planned for the future?

  • Limitless – Partners have just secured the involvement of the University of Salford, and will provide opportunities for student placements as well as the contribution of academics in the project. It is anticipated that this will greatly aid the development of the project and the young people involved.
  • The Opportunities Club – it is hoped coming in to its second year, the service will build on the successes and the learning from the first year, as well as receiving greater promotion so it can help assist even more people.
    More generally, it is hoped that further opportunities will be identified and pursued with Langworthy Cornerstone, so together the two organisations might reach more people in the local community and help them make changes in their life that will improve their wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Northmoor Community Association

What is it?

The Northmoor Community Association (NCA) is a fantastic charity in our priority neighbourhood Northmoor Longsight,
offering a wide range of inclusive services to people in the local area via its community centre and laundrette.

These services are well accessed by the local community and include adult learning, IT classes, employment support,
homework club, sewing classes, cooking classes and other wellbeing activities. Relieving poverty is one of the core
objectives of the NCA, one way in which they help towards this is through providing an affordable, healthy meal every
Wednesday at their Community Café. The centre has a strong volunteers programme with over 25 active volunteers
helping to run the activities as well as gaining experience and skills themselves.

The laundrette provides professional laundering services at affordable prices. It also has an internet café and is an
information hub and meeting place.

There is a weekly youth club run by the Levenshulme Youth Project for people over the age of 13, providing a range of
activities, games and an opportunity for young people to socialise. The Friendship Group is a weekly social group for
men and women over the age of 55 where they can enjoy tea, coffee and bingo.

Who’s involved?

A range of partners including Great Places, Macmillan Solutions, Manchester City Council and local residents.

What contribution does Great Places make?

The Community Centre Manager for the NCA is employed by Great Places. We own the listed building on Northmoor
road where the Community Centre and Laundrette operate from and we manage the flats above the centre.

We contribute both funding and staff time to support the NCA and as a result we have a seat on the Board. Hannah Clark, Regional Manager attends Board meetings six times a year and also line manages the Centre Manager. Dave Owen from the finance team is also on the Board as the treasurer, helping with the financial management of the NCA. Our Community Development Coordinator supports a range of activities in partnership with the NCA, including Northmoor Together which is a platform for residents and partners to resolve local issues together.

What’s been achieved?

Despite operating in an increasingly challenging financial environment, the NCA has continued to secure funds to deliver
services which are accessed by over 500 residents per week. There are over 25 active volunteers. The laundrette is
accessed by over 200 users every week.

How’s it helping residents?

Great Places has 500+ properties in the Northmoor area, so it’s inevitable some of its customers and their families
access the centre and benefit from its services.

Park Hill Partnership - Sheffield

Great Places is part of our unique partnership involving Sheffield City Council, Urban Splash and the Homes and
Communities Agency in the Park Hill regeneration project. Great Places was selected as the registered housing
regeneration partner in 2004.

Park Hill is Europe’s largest grade 2 listed residential structure and when constricted between 1957 and 1963 it is
comprised of 998 apartments for rent, however the complex fell into disrepair in the 1990s. In 2013 the first tenants
and leaseholders moved into the new refurbished apartments in the North block of the complex. Some residents moved
from the old Parkhill into the newly refurbished part of the site. Phase 1 is now fully occupied with 263 apartments of
which 96 for rent to 2 for shared ownership and 165 leasehold. The building also accommodates 12 digital and creative
businesses and an award winning Grace Owen.

Great Places is not only provider is managing agent responsible for facilities management and leasehold services
including security, cleaning and grounds maintenance at the site. Park Hill is a building of National significance and
attracts a lot of interest, consequently staff play host to a number of visits including architects planners professionals
from their construction and regeneration industry, schools and universities.

Seedley and Langworthy Forum

What is it?

This is a resident forum at which local people can attend and express their views on life in the local area, issues they
would like to see tackled and aspirations for neighbourhood and community improvement.

The forum takes place every 3 months, and is supported by a number of local organisations and agencies, such as Landlord Licensing, Environmental Services, The Neighbourhood Management Team and Greater Manchester Police. A smaller resident Steering Group meets more regularly to drive forward the items raised at the quarterly forum events.

What contribution does Great Places make?

Great Places coordinates, funds and supports the forum and the associated Steering Group, providing links to other
groups and partners who can assist the Steering Group and recruiting new members.

What’s been achieved?

The group had not taken place in some time, Great Places led on reviving the forum and giving residents a greater say in
how it was run.

How is it helping residents?

In response to the local issues identified, a number of actions have been taken in the local area:

  • Clearance of fly-tipping from hotspot areas.
  • The Love Your alley initiative was introduced, resulting on improvements on Nadine/Edmund Street.
  • Penalties have been issued for environmental crimes.
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, issued to youths causing ASB in the area.
  • Burglary awareness raising and door knocking undertaken.
  • Funding secured for alley gates on Alder Street/Highfield Road.
  • Employment Skills event undertaken in partnership with the Works Company.
  • Sing into Spring event organised for over 55’s.
  • Environmental projects with Larkhill launched and supported including the Junior Rangers scheme.
  • New overt camera has been installed on Langworthy Road opposite Wall Street to assist with gathering evidence of

What is planned for the future?

It is hoped that Great Places can help strengthen and build the
capacity of the Steering Group so that it becomes an equal
partner working alongside other organisations involved in
improving the local area, and move towards the quarterly
forum events being increasingly resident led.

Sheffield Housing Company

Sheffield Housing Company is a unique partnership between Sheffield City Council, Keepmoat and Great Places.

The SHC builds spacious properties to get the highest standards that will provide quality, flexible homes for the residents
of Sheffield for decades to come.

At wide range of house types are available to buy outright, for affordable rent or shared ownership. Over a period of
15 years, 2300 new homes are planned in seven city neighbourhoods, helping Sheffield to remain one of the best places to live in the UK. That first phase of 293 new homes in Shirecliffe, Norfolk Park and Parson Cross was completed in 2016.

More new homes are under construction at Fir Vale and Manor.
In addition to letting and managing homes for rent and shared ownership, Great Places provides a range of leasehold
services which include grounds maintenance.

Wybourn Ambitions

Great Places has developed a strong relationship with Wybourn Community Primary School since 2007 with diverse
projects such as junior wardens, environmental schemes, breakfast, lunchtime and afterschool activities,learning clubs
and provided funding for activities, resources and support to children and family members. However this relationship
was developed further in 2016 with Great Places joining forces with the school to deliver the Wybourn ambitions project aims to build the career aspirations of of pupils who are participating from year 5 to year 11 in high school.

The project is developing the childrens’ understanding of higher education and encouraging them to begin to formulate
their own plans for their future.
Wybourn is a neighbourhood with very high levels of deprivation. Some examples relate to worklessness and educational attainment;

  • Alarming levels of poverty
  • Low educational attainment
  • Low paid and unskilled workforce.
  • Anecdotal evidence of parents not encouraging ambition
  • Our work has involved supporting the children in a business enterprise competition.
  • We also funded a train trip to London for the whole year 5 group to visit to the childrens’ world ‘Kidzania’; a miniture
    world of retail, manufacturing, public services, medical and other professions.

The school also organised various professionals to come into school to talk about their careers which Great Places
contributed to. We prepared mini job roles for caretaker, maintenance operative, admin assistant, IT trainer and TSOL
teacher and job applications for the children to complete. Interviews were arranged in school with 5 members of the
regional team.

The partnership involves working visits to universities and the recruitment of 6th form mentors for the children to
support the children to complete a ‘my future’ plan considering their strengths, interests and ambitions. Great Places
supports the plans which include home and neighbourhood tasks and commits families to help support their children,
who will take on ‘responsibilities’ and develop a work ethic and interest in their local environment. Parents are invited to
a summer celebration event.

Strong Women Partnership

What is it?

The ‘Strong Women’ course was designed as an entry point to engage women in an appealing, fun and useful programme designed to equip them with the life skills, self-confidence, resilience and decision-making capabilities not
only to deal with their day-to day-lives, but also to allow them to move on to further opportunities whether this be
education, training, further support groups, voluntary roles or even into work.

As learners become more self-aware they will be able to increase their personal resilience, mental and physical well

The aims of the project are themed under the following areas:

  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Transferable skills
  • Building resilience
  • Opportunity to connect more easily
  • Noticing our difference
  • Goals for the future

Who’s involved?

Open Doors 2 and Occupostive – course facilitators and neuro-linguistic practitioners, Knutsford Children’s Centre and
Early Help (Now managed by Oakenclough children centre), Cheshire East Lifelong Learning,The Welcome, Local Area
Partnership (Cheshire East Council), NHS health visitors.

What contribution does Great Places make?

It gives staff time, manages the Adult Learning Contract which means admin such as self-assessment, one-to-one tutors
and in-house teaching and learning observations. It also chairs the steering group and helps to recruit learners.

What’s been achieved?

Women have ‘moved on’ to:

  • Volunteering (in the Children’s Centre, running groups, sitting on parents forums), at The Welcome Café,
    with Cheshire East’s ‘Everybody’ team – sports and play volunteering
  •  English, Maths and ICT courses with Macclesfield College or Great Places
  • Work readiness course with Barclays
  • Work placements with Barclays
  • Complete NVQs in Customer Service
  • Formal adult learning eg accountancy courses
  • Family learning eg ‘Supporting a Child with Autism’ or joined support groups
  •  Employment
  • ‘Stronger Women’ course

Other achievements for the course:

  • Received an ‘outstanding’ teaching and learning observation
  • One learner achieved Great Places Young Tenant of the Year Award at the Community Stars Awards 2014
  • One learner received an Adult Learner Awards Learner of the Year award, June 2014
  • Highlighted by Ofsted as an example of outstanding practice in May 2014
  • Several job outcomes
  • One learner achieved Great Places Young Tenant of the Year Award at the Community Stars Awards 2014 and another learner achieved this award in 2015
  • One learner achieved Great Places Community Volunteer Award 2016 and Knutsford Town Council Civic Award 2017
  • Constituted group – The Secret Garden of Springfields won Great Places Community Star Award 2016

How’s it helping residents?

Learner’s comments

“A few weeks before doing Strong Women I was diagnosed with post natal depression. I had been struggling with post natal depression for about a year before going to the doctors and getting help.

I was struggling with day to day stuff, I could not even decide what to have for tea. I hated leaving my flat so avoided going out, avoiding friends and family. I felt anxious and down most days, my confidence was at an all time low. I could not think about my future, it felt so dark and gloomy. – Person A

Strong Women helped me build my confidence. I can now talk to a big group of people I don’t know, with confidence. This is something I could not have done before doing the course, even before my depression.

Doing Strong Women has taught me so much about myself. – Person B

What happens after Strong Women?

Women are encouraged to attend the signposting session where multiple agencies are present to help them choose
their ‘next steps may this be volunteering, further education or employment. Progression tracking also happens at 3 and
6 months. The course ‘Stronger Women’ is also offered as an alternative:

Stronger Women builds on the skills developed during Strong Women project. It introduces the learners to the
importance of personal values and the impact of limiting beliefs. The course continues to build on the understanding of
emotional intelligence, enabling women to develop resilient relationships within their families and the wider community.
The network of ‘Stronger Women’ will develop a more powerful voice in the community to influence local policies.

Welcome Cafe

The Welcome is based in one of Great Places priority neighbourhoods in Knutsford. It was started in 1995 and over the years The Welcome has grown into a fully functioning Community Centre offering a wide range of activities, services and support to the people of Longridge and Shaw Heath. They offer affordable, good quality, home cooked meals from our
cafe and provide a variety of free and great value activities to suit a range of age groups and interests.

Who’s involved?

A range of partners including Great Places, Cheshire East Council, local residents and the Welcome’s patron George
Osborne. Its funding currently comes from a mixture of supportive individuals, local businesses and charitable trusts.

What contribution does Great Places make?

Hannah Clark, Regional Manager, is a trustee of the charity and attends monthly board meetings as well as providing time to support the work / management of the charity. Our Community Development Coordinator Lucy Barton supports a range of activities in partnership with the Welcome including Strong Women, Creation of a Community and health and wellbeing. Our fundraising coordinator, Daniel Mountford, helps to provide support with fundraising bids.

What’s been achieved?

In 2011 the Welcome received the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award. In 2013 The Welcome received the Queen’s
Award for Volunteers.

The community comes together at The Welcome, there’s a wonderful spirit, with most of the time and effort being put
in by committed volunteers who at the moment number in excess of 25.