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Aids and Adaptations

If you or someone living with you has a disability or is struggling to live independently, we may be able to help you adapt your home to make everyday tasks easier.

What adaptations are available?

There are two types of adaptations:

Minor Adaptations are items such as:

  • Grab rails
  • Banister rails
  • Lever taps
  • Door intercoms

We can fund minor adaptations so long as the cost is less than £1000. Our repairs service will undertake minor adaptations so long as the equipment required is easily available. Normally, we will need 28 days to complete such work. In certain circumstances such as where specialist equipment is needed then this timescale may be longer.

If you would like a minor adaptation then you can contact our repairs team on 0300 123 1966 or email customerhub@greatplaces.org.uk or you can request this through our website, greatplaces.org.uk

Major Adaptations are items such as:

  • Stairlifts
  • Wet rooms
  • Level access showers
  • Wheelchair ramps

It is the local authority that has the statutory responsibility to fund and provide help for people that need major adaptations. In some areas, we work with local authorities and we will pay up to £2000 for the adaptation works required. Please note that the local authority usually operates a means testing assessment so not everyone will be eligible for funding.

Many local authorities have lengthy waiting lists, sometimes over two years for major adaptations, although they may operate a priority waiting list. If you need a major adaptation urgently then you should contact to us to discuss your housing options.

We will not normally permit any major adaptations for the first 12 months of your tenancy and we will not be able to consider requests for  adaptations in new-build properties for at least 12 months.

If the property you live in is no longer suitable to meet your needs then we will try to help you to find more suitable accommodation.

If you require a major adaptation then you will need an assessment by an Occupational Therapist before the process can start. Accessing the Occupational Therapy Service varies depending where you live. If you are not sure then please contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, contact our Customer Access Team on 0300 123 1966 or email customerhub@greatplaces.org.uk .

We don’t normally permit level access showers in flats above ground floor, or in houses where the adaptation is upstairs. We will however treat each case individually and take into consideration a number of factors including the length of time you might need to find suitable alternative housing.

We will need to undertake a Feasibility Assessment for all major adaptations to assess that the property is suitable for adaptation and also that we have assessed that it is reasonable that the proposed adaptation is undertaken. In some circumstances we may refuse permission for the adaptation. If your request for a major adaptation is approved then we will work with the local authority until the adaptation is completed. The work will normally be undertaken by the contractor chosen by the local authority. We will inspect the adaptation afterwards to ensure the work has been undertaken to a good standard.

Servicing equipment

Such items as stairlifts will need to be serviced from time to time. The responsibility for undertaking servicing and repairs will depend on what arrangements are in place with each local authority. You should ensure that you understand what the servicing arrangements are as you may need to make your own arrangements to service equipment.

Investment works

Sometimes we will be able to provide adaptations to your home if we are programming to undertake investment work such as a bathroom upgrade. We will be happy to discuss your needs before starting work to see if we can undertake some adaptations. If you have requested a major adaptation and we are planning to undertake investment works in your home in the following 12 months then we may decline the request for the adaptation to minimise disruption.

If you would like to know more then please contact us:


Tel 0300 123 1966