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Welcome to our 2022/23 Customer Annual Report

Thanks for checking out the latest Great Places Customer Annual Report, which tells the story of our year, from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

Our customers are at the very heart of everything we do, and their voices feature heavily in this report, alongside performance information and business updates.

Watch our introductory video from Tony and Matt to find out more.


Whether you’re a customer, colleague or stakeholder of Great Places, we hope you find this content informative and useful. This year, in preparation for the first cycle of Tenant Satisfaction Measures going live, we have themed our sections around the 12 key questions that our customers are being asked about our services as a landlord.

The environment we’re working in continues to be difficult, but we remain confident that Great Places is in a strong position to tackle the challenges ahead.


How we spend our money

It is important to be transparent around how we spend our money. The graph shows the breakdown for 2022/23 as being:

  • Surplus: 4%
  • Planned repairs and investments in your homes: 23%
  • Services: 12%
  • Our people, offices and housing management activities: 23%
  • Responsive day-to-day repairs: 15%
  • Interest / loan repayments: 23%

Surplus made by the organisation goes back into services for you in following years.

Services cover costs that are directly in relation to properties and predominately covered with service charge income.