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Article by: Great Places

Brewing Opportunities with Great Places

Great Places launches Barista training initiatives, aiming to foster skills development and create meaningful opportunities for our communities.

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Your rent booklet is on the way

Look out for your rent booklet over the next few days.  Most rents will go up by 7.7% from 1 April 2024. We set our rents using Government guidance. To calculate the increase, we use the September 2023 Consumer Price Index plus 1%. This means they usually go up by slightly more than the rate […]

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MPT Steps final mentor event


More Positive Together closes after making a Great impact

The More Positive Together (MPT) and MPT Steps programmes closed at the end of 2023 after six years helping people across the county – and Great Places were a major player. The projects were aimed at enhancing the skills and employment prospects of residents in some of Lancashire’s most deprived areas. The programme was delivered […]

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Great Places Housing Group

Great Places Housing Group exists to improve the lives of the people living in our 24,000 homes across the North West and Yorkshire. We are much more than just a landlord, providing a wide-range of services and promoting partnership work to create vibrant, sustainable communities.