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10 years of Insight

Happy 10th Birthday to Insight, our customer scrutiny group who’ve been looking and examining areas of service, since 2014. The group volunteer time to support scrutiny of services to make a difference for all customers, providing critical challenge of service performance and holding Great Places accountable. Last year, Insight scrutinised three areas of service which […]

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When we don’t meet your expectations

When your expectations aren’t met, it can be frustrating.  We work hard to provide you with an excellent service. Sometimes, things may not go as planned. When services fall below our agreed standards, we do everything we can to put things right by being transparent, fair and appropriate and making sure we listen and learn.  […]

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Deputy CEO Alison Dean to become CEO at Great Places

Great Places has appointed a new Chief Executive to replace Matt Harrison who is standing down after more than 10 years in the job and over 30 years with the organisation. Alison Dean, currently Deputy Chief Executive, has accepted the position and will take over from Matt on 1 July 2024. Alison joined Great Places […]

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Great Places Housing Group

Great Places Housing Group exists to improve the lives of the people living in our 25,000 homes across the North West and Yorkshire. We are much more than just a landlord, providing a wide-range of services and promoting partnership work to create vibrant, sustainable communities.