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Our Anchor Neighbourhoods

We’ve been out and about in our communities to find out what matters most to our customers about where they live.

Based on this feedback, we’ve put together an action plan for our anchor neighbourhoods. You can click on the links below to read more.

What is an Anchor Neighbourhood?

As part of our Sustainable Neighbourhoods Strategy, we identified four anchor neighbourhoods across our regions, where we have a large concentration of properties and greater influence to deliver transformational change. We have launched specific plans for each of these neighbourhoods.

Working alongside our customers and partners, we have delivered a range of projects and initiatives across our four anchor neighbourhoods.

Plans and partners

The plans were reviewed by our customer scrutiny group, Insight and implement what matters most to our customers. We recognise what we do well and where partners are better placed to deliver, to ensure these neighbourhoods are even better places to live.

As well as providing crucial support to our customers and many voluntary organisations across our neighbourhoods through our Hardship and Resilience Funds, our Employability Coaches have supported customers into volunteering, work and training opportunities. We have also helped customers through our Tenancy Coach service, which provides a range of support around finances, mental health and moving home.