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Customer Feedback Policy

This policy sets out the Group’s approach to feedback made by customers and other stakeholders. For the purpose of this policy, ‘customer’ refers to Great Places’ existing tenants, former tenants, market rent tenants, leaseholders, shared-owners and housing applicants. Complaints will also be considered by non-tenants, if the issues concern Great Places services or residents.

How can I pass on a compliment to Great Places?

It’s simpler to do it online using our website form.

How to pay a compliment

What do I do if I want to make a complaint about Great Places service?

You can complete our online form – remember to give as much detail as you can.

How to make a complaint

What will happen next?

Our colleagues in Customer Feedback will look into your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement as soon as your complaint is picked up. They will provide you with a case reference number and their contact details. They will also call you to discuss your complaint and make sure we have all the information that we need.


How long will my complaint take to deal with?

We’ll aim to investigate your complaint and respond within 10 working days. Sometimes complaints may take longer to investigate and resolve. If this is the case the Customer Feedback team will let you know and keep in contact with you.


What do I do if I’m not happy with the response?

If you feel that we haven’t answered or resolved your complaint let the Customer Feedback team know and tell us why you think we haven’t resolved it. It helps if you can let us know what a resolution looks like for you.


How long will a stage 2 complaint take?

We will aim to deal with a stage 2 complaint within 20 working days. If we can resolve sooner we will but often stage 2 complaints can be more complex and take longer.

Our colleagues in the Customer Feedback team will keep you updated and be a point of contact for you while we investigate.

Stage 2 complaints are investigated by a new person, someone not previously involved in your complaint.


What do I do if I still don’t feel like my issue/complaint has been resolved?

You can seek advice and assistance from the Housing Ombudsman service 8 weeks after the closing of our complaints process.


What do I do if I am a Leaseholders/Homeowner/Market rent customer?

It is the same process but there are different options if you remain dis-satisfied with Great Places complaints process.

Options include getting in touch with: