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The switch to Universal Credit may seem daunting to some, but lots of our customers have found the transition easy. Many have set up direct debits to help take care of their rent payments, whilst others have used budget advice tools to make sure that they can manage their spending wisely.

Struggling? Have you thought about Alternative Payment Arrangements?

Universal Credit payments are paid monthly and is all about making people responsible for their money. Remember your rent payment is made to you and that you are responsible for paying it to Great Places.

If you find yourself struggling with one monthly payment, there are other payment options available. You may be able to: 

  • have your monthly payment paid fortnightly instead;
  • to request to have your rent paid directly to Great Places through managed payments.
  • in some circumstances, for your payments to be paid to individuals rather than as one joint household as split payments.

You can learn more about Alternative Payment Arrangements on the Government website.

Budgeting advice

To make sure you are able to pay your rent on time and manage your payments, consider our budgeting advice page or use our budget calculator.

Manage your payments with a direct debit 

Setting up a direct debit is the easiest way to make sure you can pay your rent each on time. You can set one up by calling us on 0300 123 1966 or by using our online web chat facility. You will need to have your bank account details ready.

Help to Save incentive

The Government have set up a Help to Save incentive scheme that is designed to encourage claimants of Universal Credit to save money. It pays a 50% bonus on the amount saved – up to a maximum of £1200. You can save between £1 and £50 per month, you don’t have to commit to saving money every month, and you can even make withdrawals if you find that you need a bit more money in your wallet. Want to find out more?

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