If you live in a new build home

Our Great Places Mini Home User Guide contains tips and information about maintaining your home.

End of defects process

All our new Great Places properties are covered by a 12-month defect liability period — where the contractor who built the property will take care of repairs, including those relating to the construction of the property.  

At the end of the 12 months, we'll make sure your property is given an 'end of defects' inspection to make sure everything is in order.

Regardless of whether you need a repair fixing within the first 12 months of the property being built or after this date, you can report all your routine repairs using our online repairs tool. This guide explains what is classed as an emergency repair and how to report it. 

Garden maintenance and waterlogged gardens

This Lawn Care Guide tells you everything you need to know about giving your lawn the best chance to establish and grow, and to reduce the chance of it becoming waterlogged.

If you do think there's a problem with drainage it's worth giving water a chance to drain away naturally. If it has been raining heavily this may take a couple of days. Aerating the lawn by 'pricking' it with a garden fork can also help.

If drainage is still an issue please contact us.

Greener homes

Some of Great Places' new build homes make use of natural power to make them 'greener' and less expensive for customers to run. 

Information on these systems and how they can help make reduce your energy bills is also included in your Great Places Home User Guide, which will have been given to you when you moved in to the property.

If you need any help or advice about these systems please contact us.