Home heating and environment advice   

Start living greener today and both your planet and your bank balance will be thanking you! Take a look at our handy hints and tips below...


Be energy smart


Contact us today for free impartial advice about reducing how much energy you use at home and for help with finding the best energy deals for your needs.

Or check out our handy home energy guide.

We can also provide user guides for your heating system. Just make a note of the name and model, contact us, and we’ll send you information.

Do you have solar panels on your roof? If so take a look at our solar panel guide
 to find out how to make the most of the generated electricity.

Visit Energy Angels to find the cheapest energy supplier for your home or, if you live in Greater Manchester, visit Big Clean Switch to compare clean electricity tariffs.

If you have a Dimplex Quantum Heater visit their YouTube channel for guidance on how to use and get the most from your heater.

Do you have an Air Source Heat Pump? Click here for more information on how it works and the benefits it brings, and click here for a step by step guide on how to set the programmer on the pump. 

For more home hints and tips, including information on electric storage heaters, visit our repair solutions page. You can also visit Energy Saving Trust where you will find lots of useful information on how run your home energy efficiently. 

Do you have electric panel heating? If so, do you know how to set the programmer so the heating comes on and goes off when you need it to? If not, have a look at this video clip which explains everything you need to know about Rointe, our most common electric panel heater.

Save water


Great Places install low-flow showers and dual-flush toilets in all our properties. This cuts bills and reduces water use — great for customers on a water meter. Tips for reducing how much water you use:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Use a basin to wash the dishes rather than let the water flow.
  • Set a timer and have a six-minute shower.
  • Choose low-water appliances when you're replacing the washing machine/dishwasher – saving money and how much energy you use up.

Cut waste


Reducing waste to landfill is easier than ever. All local authorities provide doorstep collection schemes for a variety of wastes. If you are not sure of your collection day or which bin to use, check your local council website or www.recyclenow.com.

Did you know the average family wastes £700 every year on food? There are lots of easy ways to reduce food waste and save money including:

  • Plan weekly meals and only buy what you need.
  • Use the fridge and freezer wisely to keep items fresh for longer.
  • Take a look at these great recipes on www.lovefoodhatewaste.com to use up leftovers.



If you are going on an unfamiliar journey, all you need is your start and finish postcodes to plug the journey into: www.traveline.info. It will tell you the easiest, fastest or cheapest options to get from A to B.

More of a cyclist or walker? If you’re in the Greater Manchester area contact Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) on www.tfgm.com or 0161 244 1000 and ask for your free walking and cycling map of your area. Or take a look at www.sustrans.org.uk for more information on walking or cycling in your area.