Great People, Great Stories

'Great People, Great Stories' is all about celebrating the incredible achievements of our customers. The series will focus on individual customers and tell the story of their journey step by step, sharing the support Great Places has offered along the way, whether this is through an Independence and Wellbeing scheme, employment and educational support, or collaboration with external partners.

Esther Grace

The first in our 'Great People, Great Stories' series is Esther Grace. 


Esther came to Meadow Lodge after a particularly bad mental health episode, where she admits she spiralled – drinking and acting out. The friends she was living with asked her to leave, and she became homeless.

Click here to watch a short film highlighting her journey at Meadow Lodge and the support services she accessed during her time at the scheme. The film also features Great Places employees Claire Alcock and Nicolette Aydin, as well as Smart Works Greater Manchester, who provide free clothing and training to women who require assistance before a job interview.


The second customer in our 'Great People, Great Stories' series is Chloe. 

Chloe bubbles 4 bliss

Chloe is one of our customers in Trafford who has lived in a Great Places property for just under 10 years. After being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and an autism spectrum condition (ASC), Chloe decided it was about time she grabbed her dream with both hands and set up her own business!

We caught up with Chloe to find out more about Bubbles 4 Bliss and how self-employed life is treating her. Click here to read.