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Detective Damp’s top tips for preventing damp and mould within your home


Reducing condensation in your home helps to prevent damp and mould from occurring. Everyday jobs around the house like washing and drying clothes, cooking, and bathing all release moisture into the air, and it’s when this moisture settles on a cold surface, such as a wall or window, that condensation is created. If this continues for a long period of time, it will eventually cause damp and mould will begin to grow.

To help our customers prevent condensation in their home, we’ve got a dedicated resource to help you keep your home moisture-free… meet Detective Damp.

She’s been brought in to provide customers with a range of top tips, guidance and advice. She’s got handy hints on how to reduce the moisture in the air, improve ventilation, and spot the signs of something that we need to fix such as faulty plumbing.

She’s also got some advice on hand about what to do if you’re experiencing any issues and how we can help.