How can I give my feedback?

There are lots of ways you can tell us how we're doing — from instant mystery shopping to editorial panel, spending a couple of minutes or a few hours helping.

So what can you do and when can you do it?

Customer Editorial Panel

We are looking for people to join our Editorial Panel to review important communications that we send out to customers.

It's fun, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

How do I do it? By email

How often do I need to do it? Periodically throughout the year 

How long will it take? No more than an hour! 

Do you want to help others in Great Places communities improve their lives?

We put aside a pot of money to help people living in our communities get ahead in their career, smarten up a community area, run a community group and improve their health. As a member of the Customer Funding Panel you will help decide which people and community groups are given funding to help them to achieve their goals! 

How do I do it? By post or email

How often do I need to do it? Approximately once a month

How long will it take? 1–2 hours

Are you hoping for a career in housing, policy or social care? Do you have spare time and would like to develop your business skills? If so you could be a valuable addition to our INSIGHT Customer Scrutiny Group.

How do I do it?
Meetings at our Manchester office or from home

How often do I need to do it? Up to once a week (during a review – up to 10 weeks)

How long will it take? Variable, depending on your availability

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We're committed to providing you and your community with excellent services. Customer feedback plays an important role in helping us to understand what's working well and where we could do better.

Let us know about something that's gone well or something we could do better at.


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