When do I pay my rent and service charge

Paying your rent and service charge is your responsibility and are priority payments.

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You are required to pay your rent on
time as detailed in your tenancy agreement. Your rent and service is payable on the Monday of the week that it is due.

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Fortnightly or

If you would like to pay fortnightly or monthly, we will need you to pay in advance — ahead of the rent being due — so that you don't build up arrears. Please contact us to let us know that you would like to change the frequency of your rent payments.  

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Rent and service charge changes

Rent and service charges sometimes change in April each year, but we will always advise you in writing about any rent changes

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Housing Benefit/Universal Credit

You can also pay your rent through a Housing Benefit payment and ask for this to be paid directly to us. You can also pay using the housing element of your Universal Credit payment. For further information view our Money Advice pages or contact us form.

How do I request a rent statement?

Every Great Places customer has a rent statement and you can view this by logging in to the Resident Area. If for any reason you can't access your rent statement online then please contact us.