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Employment and skills — hints and tips

Applying for a new job or gaining new skills can seem a difficult and scary prospect but we have some hints and tips to help you through the journey and start your new career.

Great Places can also help you with writing your CV, interview practice, and even applying for funding for work related costs – get in touch with us today!

Applying for a job

Employers recruit in different ways but most jobs these days are offered via an online recruitment process where you’ll be asked to complete an application form or upload your CV.

You may also be asked for a covering letter or certificates to back up your qualifications.

Remember that your application and CV are your first chance to show your written communication and presentation skills so make sure they are clear and concise, with no spelling mistakes – spell check is helpful for this.

The National Careers Service website also provides information about applying for different jobs and what skills and qualifications you need to apply. You can complete a ‘skills health check‘, which helps you to find jobs that match your skills and interests.

Great Places can help you with writing your CV, interview practice, and even applying for funding for work related costs – get in touch with us today!

Apprenticeships for all ages

It is a myth that apprenticeships are just for young people — apprentices can be any age.

Employers are looking for candidates who turn up on time, have a real interest in the role and are willing to learn.

Apprenticeship can be a great way to learn as you go and be paid as you train, giving you the mix of qualifications and experience modern employers are looking for.

It can take anything from one to four years to complete an apprenticeship and you will usually spend four days a week in the workplace and a day a week studying.

Interested? Get in touch with Great Places and we’ll provide guidance on your perfect apprenticeship match!


Lots of people like to volunteer and we have a range of opportunities for people looking to give something back and gain valuable experience.

If you live in a  Great Places home then you can also gain new skills by taking part in one of our volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering can bring many benefits, including:

  • Developing skills to add to your CVs you stand out form the crowd
  • An opportunity to ‘test’ out a role or sector
  • Job offers — if an employer can see you have been punctual, reliable and committed during your time with them, you may be considered for any new vacancies.

Interested? We can connect you with a wide range of volunteer opportunities – get in touch today!

What are employers looking for

  • A ‘can do’ approach
  • A strong work ethic
  • A real willingness to learn
  • People who are honest and professional
  • Employees who are reliable, punctual and organised
  • People who can work as part of a team, or independently
  • Flexibility
  • Someone who is customer-focussed

Setting up your own business

Being self-employed can have lots of benefits including the flexibility to work around family commitments and to do something you’re passionate about.

Setting up your own business can be a challenge but we’re here to offer support. We work with a range of specialist organisations in your local area and can provide help with:

  • Skills development
  • Access to funding
  • Business planning
  • Building resilience and marketing
  • Ongoing mentoring once you are up and running to help you grow your business.

Keen to explore your business idea further? Get in touch with us today!