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Business Health Matters

A healthy employee is a happy employee and protecting your most precious asset will be a top priority for any business.

Great Places’ Community Investment team is offering businesses in Lancashire a Workplace Health Champion Training to allow organisations to upskill employees to create a healthier workplace.

Funded by the European Social Fund, the Workplace Health Champion Training programme has a number of positive impacts.

  • Improved knowledge – By undertaking training, your staff increase their knowledge on specific subjects and can share these with colleagues to make positive changes
  • Increased productivity – Upskilling staff boosts their job satisfaction and productivity
  • Soft skill development – Alongside technical skills, your employees can develop skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving etc
  • Staff retention – Investing in opportunities for your employees shows your commitment to their professional development
  • A more motivated and efficient team – when provided with training opportunities, your staff will have a brighter outlook on their future with your company.