Equality, diversity and inclusion

At Great Places, we recognise the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and are committed to embedding these core principles in everything we do.

  • Equality — fair and equal access to opportunities.
  • Diversity — recognising everyone is an individual and different.
  • Inclusion — a sense of belonging and a feeling of being respected.

As well as ensuring we meet legal and regulatory requirements, these principles underpin all of our business activities, making sure we continue to be an employer and landlord of choice.

For us, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are about recognising and valuing difference across our customer and employee bases. It is also about fairness in its broadest sense; stretching beyond areas already covered by legislation.

Our passion for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is reflected in how we operate:

  • As an employer — We make sure staff treat all customers with respect, responding positively to individual needs. We also recruit staff fairly and provide development opportunities.
  • As a service provider — We will always treat you fairly and provide the same level of services and employment opportunities to everyone in our diverse communities. Equality and diversity shapes how we work as a landlord too and we use information about residents to review and improve our personalised and flexible service.
  • As a community anchor — We build partnerships with organisations that can support residents’ health, wellbeing, aspirations or sense of community.

Our EDI strategy

We aim to see EDI good practice considered and applied in the delivery of all our services and in our corporate vision and values.

We work hard to make sure customers living in our communities, and colleagues working for us, are free from harassment and discrimination and that diversity is recognised and celebrated.

We have worked with colleagues, customers and partners to create a formal EDI Strategy — recognising the work we already do and how we can improve our services.

We have also established an employee-led Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion Group, called Everyone Counts. Its key purpose is to actively promote all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion across our organisation; ensuring colleagues are aware of their responsibilities, kept updated with current EDI guidance and that all EDI issues are raised via the appropriate channels.