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10 years of Insight

POSTED: 22/05/2024


Happy 10th Birthday to Insight, our customer scrutiny group who’ve been looking and examining areas of service, since 2014. The group volunteer time to support scrutiny of services to make a difference for all customers, providing critical challenge of service performance and holding Great Places accountable.

Last year, Insight scrutinised three areas of service which were:

Following scrutiny, Insight suggests improvements using their findings, which are discussed with service teams to agree an action plan. The group tracks action plans twice a year until each plan is fully complete, monitoring progress and to learn of any improvement to service as a result.

Insight suggested 14 recommendations in 2023 to help improve services that will ensure customers:

If you’d like to know more about customer scrutiny, or think you can support a review, you can find out more on our Insight web page.