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Our Independence and Wellbeing Offer

Great Places Housing Group exists to enable our customers to achieve their potential.

For many, that can mean simply offering access to quality homes. Others, for one reason or another, need more. They may find themselves facing a range of life challenges such as teenage pregnancy or being homeless; they could have problems with drugs or alcohol; they could be struggling with health issues, mental or physical; they could have learning difficulties or simply be getting older and less capable.

Independence & Wellbeing is the part of Great Places that provides services to support, encourage and empower people in difficult situations such as these.

A sense of purpose

Together, independence and wellbeing are the twin goals that inform the design of our services and provide a focus for those who deliver them.

Enabling our customers to achieve independence is our overriding objective.

Promoting their wellbeing is an essential part of achieving it.


Apart from enabling our customers to have a home of their own, our priority will always be to help them to become more self-reliant and less dependent on others or on overstretched public services.

Achieving greater independence can mean different things for different people and is always life-changing:

  • Being able to secure and maintain your own home.
  • Living as a member of the community, rather than on the street, in a hostel or in residential care.
  • Having the skills and developing the confidence to be self-reliant.
  • Being able to access training and job opportunities.
  • Having use of the equipment / technology needed to live an independent life.


Wellbeing is not just about feeling good; it’s the ability to tackle life’s challenges, and the confidence to make decisions and take action.

Wellbeing involves every area of life – mental, physical, social,  financial and the home. More importantly, it’s a vital element in achieving and sustaining independence.