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General ManagerMessage from the General Manager

2020 has been a year like no other. It has been incredibly challenging, upsetting and difficult for us all. We have tried our very best to deliver the very best service that we can in these unprecedented times, and I hope that this years Annual Report goes someway in demonstrating such.

We are a proud long term delivery partner in Oldham, and I would like to thank all residents and partners on behalf of our team for your patience and support during this last year. I know a lot of people will have experienced devastating changes to their families this year, and its been so hard not being able to spend time with our loved ones. The way in which our communities have come together to support each other and do all we can to help those in need at the most crucial of times has been truly inspiring.

2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Gateways to Oldham PFI project. It is unclear yet how we may be able to celebrate such a milestone, but looking back through old pictures and development plans its astounding to see how much regeneration has taken place in that time. In one way or another we are determined to have a fitting celebration later in 2021.

Performance throughout 2020 has remained very strong, details of which are included later in this report – however I am especially pleased to mention that satisfaction remains very high with a large  number of residents providing feedback.

The coming year will again present a number of challenges, especially how we can support neighbourhoods, partners and businesses build back from the pandemic as well as a new framework announced by central government around social housing – we are excited to work with residents and key partners in meeting these challenges head on!

Stay safe everyone,
Jeremy Fryer,
Inspiral General Manager.