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About us

Great Places exists to improve the lives of the people living in our 24,000 homes across the North-West, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

We are much more than just a landlord, providing a wide range of services and promoting partnership work to create vibrant, sustainable communities.

Great Places is proud to be a profit-for-purpose housing association.

We strive to be as efficient and effective as possible and remain a top-quartile performer within the housing industry. However, we then choose to use a large proportion of our surplus – around £3M in the last financial year – to go far beyond our landlord obligations and realise our vision of Great Homes, Great Communities, Great People.

Here are the vision and values that shape our offer and drive our approach:

Our vision is clear

Great Homes, Great Communities, Great People

Our values are strong


Profit for purpose

Watch our informative motion graphic explaining the profit-for-purpose approach that’s the beating heart of our bold new business.