Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What is Gender Pay Gap Reporting?

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 came into force on 1st October 2016 requiring all employers who employ 250 or more employees to publish, on their website, their overall mean and median gender pay gaps.

In companies with a group structure, each legal entity is required to report its data if it employs more than 250 people. As at 5th April 2018 and discounting all exceptions, only Great Places Housing Group (legal entity) employed more than 250 people and is therefore required to publish data in 2019.  Alongside publishing the data for Great Places Housing Group as a legal entity we will publish data for Great Places Housing Association and Great Places Housing Group Limited (entire group) as we did in 2018. This report summarises the data for all eligible permanent or fixed term employees of Great Places Housing Association; Great Places Housing Group Limited and Great Places Housing Group (entire group);

Understanding the data

Having a gender pay gap does not necessarily mean that as an organisation we have acted inappropriately or discriminatory.

We are required to publish;

  • the difference in the median hourly pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage;
  • the difference in the mean hourly pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage;
  • the difference in mean hourly bonus pay, expressed as a percentage;
  • the proportion of men and women who received bonus pay; and
  • the percentage of men and women in each of four quartile pay bands.

The median is the middle value and is calculated by organising all of the hourly rates of pay in order and selecting the middle number.

The mean is our average pay and is calculated by adding up all of our hourly rates of pay and diving by the number of colleagues.

To create pay quartiles, we have listed the salary of every colleague in order and then split the list into four equal parts to give pay quartiles. Salaries increase from quartile 1 to quartile 4. 

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2020

This year has a series of reports for the different parts of the organisation.

Previous report

Great Places Housing Association- Entire Group Gender Pay Gap Reporting
Great Places Housing Group - Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What does the data tell us?

On 5th April 2018, Great Places Housing Group employed 54% women and 46% men.  Looking at the data for the entire group the gender pay gap has reduced significantly in both the mean and median measure compared to the figures reported in 2018.  Both figures are significantly less than the national average for each measure with the median figure showing women earning 7.1% more than men.

Quartile 1 has a mean gender pay gap of less than 1%.  Quartile 3 and 3 have mean gender pay gap where women are paid more than men.  Quartile 4 has the largest mean gender pay gap with women being paid 7.5% less than men.

Great Places approach and commitment

Great Places is committed to reducing this gap, ensuring this is reviewed regularly.  As an organisation we take equality, diversity and inclusion seriously with a clear strategy in place to embrace the value of our differences, creating a culture of inclusion and ensuring fairness for all of our people.  Aligned to the people strategy, we will continue to create an environment that provides equal opportunities to all colleagues building career progression to ensure irrespective of gender all reach their potential.

We will;

  • Continue to monitor gender pay on a regular basis for Great Places Housing Group and other companies within the Group.
  • Continue to ensure equal access to external recruitment and internal moves.