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A facility in Levenshulme, Manchester that is specifically tailored for young adults with autistic spectrum conditions


Levenshulme, Manchester

Designed specifically for people including young adults with autistic spectrum conditions, it’s a great example of how expert planning, co-operation and innovation can create a place where people at different stages of their developmental journey, can find peace and happiness in a safe environment.

The consideration of how people use, engage and interact with their personal and shared space has is central to the scheme’s design. Good design and technology can work to reduce anxiety and increase the well-being of residents in a positive environment.

Great Places work in partnership with City Care, a well regarded support provider specialising in support for people with autism. Our combined expertise in the areas of supported housing and developing for a specific kind of learning disability group, enables us to deliver a truly innovative
scheme that incorporates cutting edge technology and the highest design standards to support  residents to live more independently.