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The gardening club at Pomona Gardens continues to thrive

POSTED: 19/04/2021

Pomona Gardens Gardening Club


Over the past several months, our residents and Great Places colleagues at Pomona Gardens have been running their own gardening club; a project set up with the aim of growing organic produce that could be used to cook exciting and healthy recipes from scratch.

With the help of our Housing and Wellbeing team, the residents were able to purchase a greenhouse and planters for the community garden and began planting a variety of fruits and vegetables.  The group also sought advice from the Hulme Community Garden centre to learn more about how to care for their new plants and help them thrive.

Since it began, the project has been a huge success, with residents growing potatoes, strawberries and lettuce all from their community garden.

Sam Devlin, Housing and Wellbeing Assistant at Pomona Gardens, reflected on how far the gardening club had come from ‘complete novices to fully-fledged gardeners.’

Not only has the project itself been a fantastic opportunity for residents and colleagues to have fun working together, it is also a great example of residents developing their confidence through learning a new skill, helping them to thrive independently within in their community.