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Stay cool and look after each other

POSTED: 14/07/2022

Sun Shining with clouds


As the weather warms up, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a Level 2 Heat Health Alert for the North of England and the Met Office has issued Amber and Red Warning of Extreme Heat between Sunday and Tuesday affecting different areas of the North of England

Daytime temperatures are expected to rise to around 30 degrees Celsius with overnight temperatures in excess of 20 degrees Celsius in some areas.

Heat and your health

Whilst a sunny day is always welcome, prolonged periods of heat put extra stress on your body and cause you to lose fluids which can lead to a number of health issues from Heat Stroke to Circulatory problems. Being out and about in the sun can cause severe sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer. Some tips to keep you safe and cool can be found online:

Helping each other

Many of us will be enjoying the warm weather but for more vulnerable people, this can be a time where their health suffers.

Being a good neighbour

The good weather brings us out into our gardens to enjoy some much needed social time with our friends and families, but it is important that whilst we have fun, we are safe and consider our neighbours. Outdoor activities can be fun but can impact on other people’s enjoyment:

Remember that other people will have their windows open so please consider them and any noise from music or children playing – especially later in the evenings – why not use it as an opportunity to check in your neighbours and see if they are ok in the heat.