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Our journey with Emmaus Salford towards community wellbeing

POSTED: 8/02/2024

Article by: Great Places


In Salford, the collaboration between Great Places and Emmaus Salford has become a vital source of support for the local community, particularly during the tough times of the Covid pandemic and the ongoing Cost-of-Living crisis.

Emmaus Salford, a charity dedicated to supporting people, communities, and the environment, has been a key partner for Great Places in extending a helping hand to those in need. The collaboration took a significant leap in 2023 when Emmaus Salford received a generous £7000 from the Greater Together Fund, facilitated by Great Places. This financial boost has allowed Emmaus to continue delivering essential services that have seen an increased demand due to the ongoing crises.

Lucie’s Pantry, a social supermarket under Emmaus, has emerged as a vital lifeline, providing sustainable and affordable food and household essentials to over 600 households facing financial challenges. Meanwhile, Emmaus’s furniture store offers affordable, quality second-hand furniture that has been upcycled or repaired, preventing items from ending up in landfills.

Additionally, the School Uniform Hub, a project initiated by Emmaus, collects and redistributes good quality second-hand and new school uniforms to families struggling to afford them. These initiatives showcase the commitment of Emmaus to addressing various needs within the community.

The organisation is also currently supporting up to 25 individuals who have experienced homelessness. Their residential community offers a home for as long as needed. Known as companions, members commit to improving mental wellbeing and helping others through active participation in social enterprises. This engagement fosters personal growth and contributes to the charity’s success. Companions receive tailored support and training to build resilience and skills for a positive future.

Beyond its immediate services, Emmaus Salford has fostered exciting partnerships with HMP Risley, repairing and selling second-hand bicycles, and RHS Bridgewater, collaborating on allotments and gardens to grow food for community meals.

However, the future of Emmaus Salford is at a crossroads, as the site they currently lease is earmarked for development. Without a suitable location, the charity may be forced to reduce or halt its essential services. Jackie Smith, CEO of Emmaus Salford, expressed gratitude for the support from Great Places, emphasising the need for new premises to continue their vital work.

Jackie Smith stated, “We have been able to use the money from Great Places to invest in our core services, delivering much-needed support to our local community hit hard by the cost-of-living crisis. We want to continue serving the people of Salford, but we need to secure new premises to do this.”

For those looking to support Emmaus, whether through donations, volunteering, or offering suitable land/buildings, Jackie Smith can be contacted at Jackie.Smith@emmaus.org.uk.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of partnerships in creating positive change within communities, ensuring that Emmaus Salford’s mission endures and thrives.




Article by: Great Places