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Northmoor: Customer Involvement Update for Residents

POSTED: 15/03/2024

Article by: Great Places


March, 2024


At Great Places, our aim is to ensure that Northmoor remains a vibrant community where people thrive for years to come. Over the past few months, we have been gathering information about the area, its residents, and their needs. Our goal is to ensure that Great Places and Northmoor continues to meet your changing needs. Whether it’s through Great Places directly, or through our collaboration with other organisations, we are committed to making living in Northmoor better.

To better understand our residents and their needs, we have analysed available data. While we have made significant progress, we recognise there’s more to learn. In the coming months, Great Places will be reaching out to update your details with us. This will enable us to tailor our services more effectively to your needs.

In the meantime, residents, local groups and organisations have been sharing their insights with us about living and working in Northmoor. Many have expressed their appreciation for the area’s amenities, such as the community centre, transportation links and local shops. You also told us what is important to you and would benefit from improvement. Here is a summary of the main matters you raised, along with our initial responses:


– Addressing Litter: We understand the concerns regarding litter and waste in the area. Great Places regularly engages with Manchester City Council on this matter, with litter and waste management being a top priority. Despite efforts, the issue persists. It is a big challenge. We’re committed to working with the council and the community to explore more effective solutions. Look out for how you can help in 2024.

– Enhancing Safety: Safety concerns, including substance misuse, crime, and anti-social behaviour, have been raised. We have shared your concerns to partner organisations such as Manchester City Council and the Police. While addressing these issues will take time, we encourage community members to report any criminal activity to the Police by calling 101, anonymously via Crime Stoppers Online crimestoppers-uk.org or calling 0800 555 111. You can also voice your concerns at the Northmoor Together community meetings held regularly at the community centre. To report Anti-Social Behaviour to Great Places visit our website online via: https://www.greatplaces.org.uk/customers/anti-social-behaviour/ .

– Private Rented Homes: We acknowledge the concerns regarding the quality and impact of privately rented homes. Great Places has communicated these concerns to Manchester City Council, who are taking positive steps, including the ‘Good Landlord Charter’ – consultation is open until 26 February 2024 via gmconsult.org. We are committed to supporting the council’s effort and have pledged to sign up to the Charter.

– Expanding Facilities for Children and Park Amenities: We are aware of the community’s desire for more facilities for children and enhancements to the park. Our Community Partnership Manager, Pete Crean, actively engages with local organisations to support community initiatives. Working in partnership with local partners and groups, your feedback will inform our efforts to improve facilities and activities for children of all ages, as well as our support for enhancing Crowcroft Park.

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on our interactive platform for customers and community members at https://ourvoice.greatplaces.org.uk/planning-for-northmoor.

In the coming months, we will continue to seek your input to further shape our plans. Keep an eye out for opportunities advertised in Our Voice, via email, text, and local community hubs.

Follow our progress here https://www.greatplaces.org.uk/customers/anchor-neighbourhoods/northmoor-neighbourhood-plan/

Thank you for being part of shaping the future of Northmoor.



Article by: Great Places