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Great Places supports Oldham’s Community Recovery Fund

POSTED: 25/08/2020



Great Places has teamed up with a number of other housing providers in Oldham to help support Action Together’s COVID-19 recovery fund through a £70,000 joint donation.

The monetary contribution will mean voluntary groups from across Oldham, who have been working hard to support those in the local community through the pandemic, will have access to funding to help those people in the Oldham community thrive.

In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Action Together, the body that brings together all the voluntary groups from across the borough, has transformed the former Community Response Fund to a Community Recovery Fund. The fund also combines with other local grant funding to produce a single fund for community benefit and recovery.

Channelled through grassroots organisations and individuals in Oldham, the fund will be used to help build resilience in the area by encouraging people to develop their skills and to stay fit and healthy.

This is just one example of Great Places working in partnership to ensure those in the local Oldham community flourish, as they previously joined forces with other Oldham PFI partners to donate £20,000 to the borough’s emergency Coronavirus Hub back in June 2020.

Oldham housing providers have worked together for many years, collaborating on joint projects as well as working closely with Oldham Council to ensure the best services possible are provided for the borough’s residents. In future, this will involve a close working relationship with the Strategic Housing Partnership as well as a continued informal network to ensure a continued focus on meeting local housing needs.

“As housing providers, we all have a history of not only providing homes but also supporting local communities to develop and grow. This new fund provides an effective way of getting resources to people in need and to make a real difference to people’s lives. We’re committed to our partnership with Action Together so that together we can make that happen.” Oldham Housing Providers

“We have now launched this new Community Recovery Fund for Oldham. Its purpose is to help local people and communities recover positively from the effects of this pandemic and to build stronger communities. We really welcome this contribution from Oldham’s housing providers, and we know that it will make a great difference to local people’s lives.”
Laura Windsor-Welsh, Action Together