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Can you shed light on an East Lancashire mystery?

POSTED: 6/04/2020


Great Places Housing Group is calling on the history buffs of Oswaldtwistle to help shed some light on a mystery.

The social landlord is developing 53 new homes, a £7.4million investment, on Victoria Street and they came across a key stone as they were clearing the site in February.

The stone reads:

Laid by Mrs Sale On Behalf of Church and School May 13th 1893.

The stone will be retained and become part of the finished development, and Great Places’ Director of Development Helen Spencer is keen to find out more about the history of the site.

She said:

It’s always interesting when we find items that have been buried on our sites. We knew that there had been a number of different uses on this site, but we’d love to know more about what used to be there. The site team also uncovered other items such as old bottles.

There is clearly a really interesting past and we’d like to know more about it to see if there’s something we can incorporate into the site.

There will be people who live in and around the area that will be able to shed some light on the stone and the history attached to it. Please get in touch.”

Great Places have an extensive development programme across the North West and seek to play a key part in helping to tackle the housing crisis.

If you have any information that could shed light on the history of the stone and the site, contact communications@greatplaces.org.uk