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A tap to fix a tap – It’s 4 times quicker by Live Chat

POSTED: 28/09/2020

A Tap to fix a tap - chatabot


Reporting a repair?

Whether it’s a blocked toilet or drains, a stuck door or broken handle, don’t wait around on the phone to report it our Live Chat is 4 times quicker. It’s quicker than sending an email. It’s much quicker than phoning us. It’s available on a mobile phone, tablet and laptop from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Not sure how to get started? Simply visit greatplaces.org.uk. Locate the chat window. Look to the bottom right of our website, there’s a box ready for you to click. And you’re ready to get going. On your smartphone it will be a blue box at the top of the website. Tap on the box and start your chat.

You can also contact us through our customer portal. Simply visit MyPlace.