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Case Study – Tenancy Coach Service

POSTED: 27/02/2022

Training and support to help customer maintain tenancy

Article by: Great Places


What was John’s situation?

John moved into his property in June 2020. Previously he’d been living in a campervan on an industrial estate, and before this on a friend’s field in a tin shed with two horses. John’s living situations were the result of a relationship breakdown.

John had been in this situation for around 18 months before being approached by Local Authority officers. The officers were concerned about his welfare following several hospitalisations due to ongoing health issues related to the conditions he had been living in and lacking heating, running water and facilities he could use to cook hot meals.

New to the benefits system and rental market, John was unclear on processes so buried his head in the sand. As a result, his depression and anxiety intensified. It was only when he contacted his Neighbourhood Services Manager with regards to his rent arrears that this came to light, and he disclosed his full situation. The Neighbourhood Services Manager discussed the Tenancy Coach Service and immediately referred John, who was over £1000 in debt arrears with family and friends for furniture and household items he had purchased.

How we supported John

A wellbeing assessment was carried out by the TCS team. Financial advice regarding arrears and other debts was provided, and support with the following applications: A Universal Credit (UC) claim, Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA) for future rent payments to Great Places, a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application, and a further Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application.

Coaching was given to John around navigating the UC portal, and general support with money management and budgeting was given. Utility bill weekly payments by card were also arranged.

To ensure John’s health was monitored, Great Places helped him register with a new GP and for his medication to be delivered weekly.

How is John doing now?

John was successful with his DHP application and received a £1500 payment enabling him to clear his arrears in full. His Universal Credit claim was fully activated, and his income increased by £300 every two weeks. Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA) are now in place which has taken the pressure off John, he feels his situation is much more positive than previously.

Tenancy sustainment has been successful to date, and John has managed to keep up with utility payments. Both the interior and exterior of the property as well maintained – John enjoys and takes pride in his new home.

After moving into his Great Places accommodation, John started to have visits from friends and family, giving him a circle of people, he could confide in and receive further support from.

John is regularly taking his medication and looking after himself. He’s had no hospital admissions since moving into his new property, and as well as being settled, he now regularly takes walks by the sea when he is feeling able, which helps him feel happier.

Article by: Great Places