Great Spaces: Northmoor Retail Units

Application Form

Thank you for taking an interest in Great Spaces - Northmoor Retail Units.  

The deadline for applications is 23 August 2021. We’ll be in touch once we’ve reviewed all proposals to let you know if we shall be proceeding with the next stage.

Please tell us the name of your proposal
Tell us which unit you would like to use. If you have no specific unit in mind, let us know
What do you want to do with the unit? How will you use the unit to make it work for your idea?
Please tell us how your service or product will benefit the local community. This could also include work, training or volunteer opportunities – how will you make a difference?
Who will use the unit? Who will (and won’t) pay to use the unit? What organisations will you work with to deliver your idea? What research have you done into the market for your idea? What sources of funding are you proposing to access or do you have in place to realise your idea?
What is your background and experience and why do you think that you’re the right person / organisation for us?
Please tell us a bit about the type of thing you need... How long do you need it for? What hours will you operate? Do you need a space for delivery vehicles or for loading? Will you be operating any machinery within the space? Any other requirements?
We expect that people and organisations making use of spaces will be financially viable and able to cover the rental costs. We will use the market rent for a baseline - however for the right project, we may be flexible with this. Please tell us what you are capable of paying towards the cost of the unit – and how you will fund this.

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Thanks again for your interest in Great Spaces - Northmoor Retail Units. Please submit your completed form no later than 23 August 2021.