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In order for Great Places to deliver a good service, we know it's essential to listen to our customers. One way we hear these views is through Insight.

Insight members act as a critical friend to Great Places, working together to give valuable insights from a customer perspective, offering recommendations for improvements and creating action plans to help us ensure that the work we do is as good as it can be.

Now, Insight are looking to recruit up to six new members to join them in their reviews of Great Places' services. All members will receive the necessary training to gain confidence, skills and knowledge which will help them in scrutinising and making a real difference. 

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As a customer you will already have valuable experience of services and no one knows the services like you do. All Great Places customers are eligible to join, it doesn’t matter what background you have your experience could help change services for the better.

We are especially looking for someone who has:

  • An ability to identify positive and negative aspects of service delivery
  • A willingness to talk about solutions and contribute ideas
  • An enjoyment of working with others in a team to achieve goals and has respect for other team members
  • An objective, honest and open approach

  • As an Insight member, you'll receive all the training you need to be confident in your role and you’ll get to learn new skills which can help you in both your personal and professional life. A role like this one also looks great on your CV. 
  • To help you keep in touch with the rest of the group, we’ll give you your own laptop or tablet and contribute to the cost of your internet at home. You'll also receive out of pocket expenses for every exercise you complete. 
  • Many of our current Insight members find the social aspect rewarding and have made good friendships in the group. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a real difference to the future of our services.

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