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Bev's story of volunteering

“I first started volunteering at Great Places in 2012 when I was recovering from a period of ill health. I had no knowledge of Great Places at the time; I just knew that I wanted to spend my time doing something beneficial and be of some use to others. I had an interest in rented housing already and I wanted to understand the mechanics of it, that’s what led me to Great Places.

“Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of different projects across the organisation. I’ve spent time helping with call auditing, mystery shopping as well as sitting on the customer scrutiny panel, Insight. Prior to volunteering with the wider business, I was also appointed Vice Treasurer of the residents' association in 2009.

“Being involved at Great Places has done wonders for my confidence and personal development. When I first started volunteering my concentration skills were quite low. Great Places really helped me to restore these skills and put them into practice. My communication skills have also improved — which has helped massively in all aspect of my life. 

“I feel that I have some relevance now and that I am able to contribute in useful ways. Being able to develop myself and enhance the experience of fellow customers in the process feels amazing. 

“I have no plans to stop volunteering at Great Places, in fact, I would love to contribute even more! I’m always happy to get stuck in and support as many customers as I can, in as many different ways as I can. In the future I’m hoping to explore more opportunities within other organisations, too. 

“When I think about my time so far at Great Places it makes me feel proud. It doesn’t matter if customers have specific needs, requirements or disabilities, the team at Great Places go above and beyond to provide high quality support in a discreet and dignified fashion. I can’t recommend volunteering at Great Places enough.”

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