Community Stars Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Community Stars Awards are now closed! 

Our annual Community Stars Awards recognise the unsung heroes of our communities who help the people and places around them shine! The awards take place once a year and are an opportunity for Great Places to thank our customers who show compassion, selflessness and courage on a daily basis. Including those who take part in our 'customer involvement' activities to help Great Places improve its services. 

Community Stars Awards categories

  • Community Champion Award
  • Independence and Wellbeing - Extra Care Award
  • Young Resident Award
  • Community Project Award
  • Green Champion Award
  • Good Neighbour Award
  • Community/Resident Group Award
  • Promoting Independence Award
  • Senior Resident Award
  • Independence and Wellbeing - Additional Support Award
  • Great Places Staff Award
  • David Nuttall Award

Community Stars Awards Winners – 2018

David Callicot

Community Champion Award

David Callicott, Manchester

David was nominated for his work of Chair of the Northmoor Community Association. He also helps out in the local community laundrette, he has supported local kids with their maths in the local homework club and is very involved with his church. All this, while also being a granddad to 3 grandchildren and a committed husband.

He said: “I'm very happy to win this award on behalf of the Northmoor Community Association. They offer so many opportunities locally and I'm so proud to be a part of it!

Reg Webster

Independence and Wellbeing - Extra Care Award

Reg Webster, Manchester

Reg was nominated for organising trips and events for his fellow residents at The Byrons. Despite having caring responsibilities, Reg works tirelessly to plan bingo, karaoke and bowls on a weekly basis.

He said: “It feels great to win. I've been at The Byrons for two years now and organised many events in my time here - but I couldn't have done it without my wife!"


Young Resident Award

Diogo Costa, Manchester

Diogo has been working with the Great Places Social Investment Team, and was nominated for the effort and dedication he has put into all the training opportunities he has been offered, including football coaching sessions through the Prince's Trust and Manchester City Football Club.

He said: “Reading the other entries, I was so surprised to win. The other nominees have done some amazing selfless acts and I was blown away when they said my name. It feels great!"

Parkhill photography

Community Project Award

Park Hill Photography Project, Sheffield

The Park Hill Photography Project was organised by resident Kate Golby, designed to be a fun and creative way to make people feel proud of where they live and inspire community spirit.

Kate said: "I'm so surprised! There were so many amazing entrants and I'm very proud to take home the trophy. Art is a big passion of mine, so it feels amazing to be recognised for a project that allowed me to use my creativity to improve my community."


Green Champion Award

Christine Howarth, Bolton

Christine was nominated for organising a clean up day to tackle environmental issues within her community.

She said: “I really didn't expect to win. Mostly, I'm happy for my granddaughter - she was a big help with the project so it's great for her to see that our hard work has been recognised. Hopefully we'll do more clean-up projects in the future - watch this space!"

susan bennett

Good Neighbour Award

Susan Bennett, Oldham

Susan was nominated for helping one of her neighbours to access addiction support services, and for looking out for another neighbour with mental health issues, despite having caring responsibilities of her own.

She said: "I'm so shocked and surprised. I honestly didn't expect it! I'm more than happy to receive this award - I'm ecstatic!"

Romney Voices

Community/Resident Group Award

Romney Voices, Blackburn

The group were nominated for planning a wide range of community and fundraising events within their community.

The group said: “We just want to say thank you for the recognition of everything we do for our community. However, we don't do any of it for the awards or trophies - we do it because we love our community. We will continue to try and make a difference long after this event is over!" 


Promoting Independence Award

Fallon Boonsawet, Burnley

Fallon was nominated for the work she has done to set up her own ethical leatherware business in Burnley.

She said: “I've had so much support from Great Places since I first told them the idea for my business. This is just the icing on the cake. The event has been a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and tell them all about what I do - I even made a sale!”

Joe sca 

Senior Resident Award

Joseph Sciberras, Salford

Joseph was nominated for his volunteering efforts within his community in Salford. He also volunteers on a daily basis at his local florist and makes Christmas hampers to raise money for St Anne’s Hospice.

Independence and Wellbeing -
Additional Support Award

Esther Grace James, Manchester

Esther was nominated for her dedication to turning her life around and supporting others in Trafford.

She said: “What an amazing feeling! When they told us they had received over 120 nominations, it made me so proud to win this award. It was a really great day full of community spirit - I tried to carry this on after the event by taking back some leftover cakes for the homeless."


Great Places Staff Award

Catherine Reynolds, Jodie Wilson and Nick Groom

The team were nominated for the help they provided customers affected by the Lancaster flash floods.

They said: "We feel very honoured to win the Community Stars Staff Award, and to be recognised by our customers for the work we do. We’re just glad we could make a difference to those affected. It was a lovely event, and a privilege to be surrounded by other worthy winners."


David Nuttall Award

Carol Taylor, Oldham

Carol was selected for the instrumental role she played in getting the popular Primrose Community Centre up and running, and for the help she continues to provide to the centre. Carol also helps to shape Great Places’ services by attending her local residents’ panel, being described as a ‘tenacious’ customer, who is never afraid to challenge the status quo.

She said: "What a lovely surprise – one which I definitely didn’t expect!”