Resilience Fund Eligibility Criteria and Application Process - Closed

Guidance Notes – Great Places Covid 19 Community Resilience Fund  January 2021 – Round 2 

The deadline for this has now passed.

1. Introduction

Great Places Housing Group is committed to supporting our customers and communities. We established a new fund to help rebuild neighbourhoods and create more resilience in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Purpose of fund and key Great Places principles 

The fund is intended to provide financial support for community groups, charities and social enterprises to implement their COVID-19 recovery strategies and to become more resilient to future economic set-backs.

Our guiding principles are to support our priority neighbourhoods and customers to access help in alignment with key Local Authority action plans and strategies whilst helping meet our key Service Delivery Framework principles.

Great Places wishes to fund a range of services and activities and has set out our criteria in these guidance notes which should be viewed in conjunction with the application form.

3. Themes

The following are the main themes for this fund;

  • Poverty reduction (fuel, furniture, food) – to include Holiday Hunger initiatives 
  • Employment, training and volunteering opportunities. 
  • Financial and digital Inclusion
  • Organisational resilience. 

Applicants must demonstrate which of these themes their proposal, project or overall services supports and how Great Places customers and the wider community will benefit. 

4. Geographical locations

Great Places is a traditional social landlord with homes across the North West and Yorkshire. We direct our resources to the neighbourhoods where they have most impact. These are defined below, primarily within council ward profiles.

Our aim is to support the community groups, charities and social enterprises that work within our neighbourhoods. Applications must come from groups providing services in or reasonably local to the following locations or wards:

Greater Manchester

  • Longsight and Levenshulme Ward
  • Langworthy and Seedley Ward 
  • Knutsford (Overward Ward)
  • Bolton, Wigan & Leigh, Rochdale, Salford, Oldham & Bury


  • Sheffield (Manor Castle Ward - supporting Wybourn residents)
  • Sheffield (Richmond Ward - supporting Richmond Park residents)


  • Blackpool (Ansdell Ward)
  • Blackpool (Claremont Ward)
  • Morecambe (Poulton Ward)
  • Burnley (Daneshouse with Stoneyholme Ward)

Equity Region 

  • Stockport 
  • High Peak – mini grants only

6. Eligibility Criteria and amounts – who can apply?

The following is a list of who can or can’t apply and amounts available. 

There will be two amounts available and organisations can apply once only:

  • Mini – Up to £500
  • Medium – up to £3,000

The following can apply 

  • Constituted Voluntary and Community groups with their own bank account
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Registered  and Exempt Charities
  • Not for profit companies and or Social Enterprise with a different recognised legal entity

The Mini grant is intended for small projects or interventions which meet the criteria of this fund

The Medium grant is intended for core costs as regards contributing to your organisations resilience however may be also be applied for towards project specific costs. 


 The deadline for applications is Wednesday 13th January 2021, 12 noon   

Decisions will be made by Great Places staff by Tuesday 19th January 2021 and we aim to communicate decisions to applicants the same day.

If successful organisations will be expected to return our Terms and Conditions document with bank details by Friday 22nd January 12 noon. This is to allow time for a call back from our Finance team to verify organisational bank details. 

Spend and monitoring 

It is expected that successful applicants will receive money during February 2021. 

Successful applicants will also be required to complete a quarterly monitoring report by the following deadlines, a template is provided for this:

July 1st 2021     October 1st 2021      December 1st 2021       Final monitoring report March 1st 2022

Outcomes stated in application forms may be amended by Great Places as part of the assessment process for successful projects and this will be communicated in any offer letter to organisations and be used within monitoring. 

If a project is expected to end before March 2022, for example be a short term initiative [£500 mini grants only, only 2 reports may be required depending on project specifics. 

To apply all organisations must have:

  • An annual turnover of less than £2.5 million
  • Annual accounts, i.e. a summary of your financial activity. If you are a small organisation, this may be produced by your board and doesn't have to be done by an accountant. Alternatively a projected income and expenditure document if a new group or organisation.
  • At least 2 unrelated bank account signatories.
  • Safeguarding procedures in place.

We may request to see copies of the above documents

Excluded – who can’t apply?

  • Local Authority unless in partnership with a lead applicant from the above list
  • Schools unless in partnership with a lead applicant from the above list
  • For profit organisations
  • Individuals 
  • Organisations submitting an Expression of Interest at Round 1 or which were funded in Round 1

7. Eligible spend 

The fund is intended to focus on core costs and some future additional costs incurred due to Covid-19.
The following are eligible:

  • Staffing costs specific to the delivery of your project/services/activities 
  • Sessional freelance staffing costs specific to the delivery of your project/services/activities
  • Outsourced HR or other specialist support services up to 20% of total request 
  • Reasonable volunteer expenses
  • Venue hire / lease costs up to 20% of total request
  • Management costs to a maximum of 10% of total request
  • Utility bills and overheads
  • Insurance 
  • Equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Vehicle costs, purchase/hire
  • Training 
  • Cleaning materials and other resources needed for social distancing.
  • Additional health and safety costs

Ineligible spend - The following categories are excluded

  • Maintenance, refurbishment  or repair of assets, buildings
  • Work in communal gardens or landscaping work in outdoor spaces
  • Day trips
  • Consultancy costs
  • Marketing 
  • Refreshments
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Legal Fees
  • Liquidity costs
  • Alcohol

Funding may not be applied for

  • Activities/services which promote any religious or political cause.
  • Activities/services which a local authority has a statutory duty to provide.
  • Initiatives where the funds are to be re-allocated out to other groups or individuals.
  • From local branches of national charities unless locally managed, financially autonomous and not in receipt of financial support from the national body


The closing date has now passed

For queries in relation to this grant funding opportunity please contact

Daniel Mountford, Fundraising Specialist
Great Places Housing Group, M21 7QP
mobile - 0791 7617327
email -