Supporting our customers

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The Hardship Fund

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The Hardship Fund was launched in late March 2020 in response to the increasing financial insecurity brought about by the pandemic. It was intended to bridge a gap between a crisis event and statutory provision , providing customers with food, fuel or other essential items.

£37,000 was allocated to individuals over the year through cash payments, vouchers and purchases of essential goods on their behalf.

A new Digital Hardship strand to the fund was introduced towards the end of 20/12 and is on-going.

National Energy Action

National Energy Action- Warm and Safer Homes Service

This service was made available to Great Places customers from April 2020, providing emergency fuel payments and energy bill advice.

A total of 143 Great Places have been referred into the service with  total financial savings of £13,118.


Tenancy Sustainment

tenancy sustainment referrals - 15.06.21

The Tenancy Sustainment Team received 303 referrals across 20/21, and maintained 100% tenancy sustainment for customers who used the service.

The Tenancy Coaches has been working hard with these customers, to overcome the various challenges they have faced. Reasons for referrals have been:

  • 112 Financial referrals
  • 77 Multiple needs referrals
  • 48 Home referrals
  • 97 Mental Health referrals
  • 2 Physical referral
  • 49 Resettlement (financial/home) referral
  • 2 Social referral

Case Studies

case study one - sheffield customer   case study two - hardship fund.  case study three - tenancy coach service