Get support in the run up to Christmas

Christmas is often a time when we find it difficult to keep on top of our bills because of the expectation to spend money on other things.

And just like a car needs to be checked annually to ensure everything is in working order, it is also important to check your finances to ensure you’re not missing out on any additional income and you aren’t going to run into difficult through the Christmas period.

Great Places have a dedicated Community Investment team that offer a range of services and solutions to customers in order to help them become more independent and financially resilient.

If you are worried about your finances and how you will cope why not speak to a member of our Financial Resilience Team who can give you advice and guidance about managing your money.

Our team can assist you with advice about budgeting, claiming welfare benefits, and getting your finances in order.

Contact the team via email: for a free Financial MOT.

Other forms of support in your local area

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