Forecast for showers at Pomona Gardens

Pomona Gardens is part of the A Bed Every Night (ABEN) scheme, set up last winter in response to the growing homeless population in Manchester. Since it began, 125 people have used the centre; a welcome relief and a comfortable, safe night's sleep off the street. 

While food, drinks and a wraparound support package were available at the shelter, shower facilities were not. This meant during the extreme weather, from snow in the winter, to heat waves in summer, users have been unable to freshen up after a long day on the streets. 

Plumbing merchant Wolseley were approached by Great Places to ask for shower materials as a social value contribution. Wolseley generously donated the materials required, resulting in Pomona Gardens now being able to offer residents a shower. Thanks to Wolseley the shower unit will be massively impactful on people's sense of dignity and wellbeing.

Wolseley account manager Gavin said, "As a new account manager to the Manchester area, and knowing the importance of social values to Wolseley, once I approached the area manager David Lloyd there were no questions that this is a great cause - one we were proud to support Great Places with. The facility was donated by our Salford Branch - although a small token, we hope it makes a big difference."

Claire, housing and wellbeing manager added "The shower is already a great addition to the ABEN provision at Pomona Gardens. It’s a simple addition that can change the way our guests feel after a long day.  It enhances the offer of shelter for the provision and means that we are, once again, going that extra mile for our service users at the ABEN service.  Thanks to everybody involved in ensuring that the shower was installed successfully"

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