Great Places office closing in Sheffield

As a business, our vision is clear – we are committed to building great homes, that create great communities, supported by great people. It is really important that we are always looking to improve, to evolve and to ensure that our way of working is the right one for the business and, most of all, for our customers.

To do this we are implementing a new way of working across the regions, that we believe will be better for our customers. To effectively deliver our vision it’s clear that we need to make changes in the way we deliver our services. Embracing a digital-first approach, this new way of working will enable us to ensure a two-way relationship between us and our customers, with responsibilities on either side.

Part of this new way of working meant that our offices in Blackburn and in Blackpool closed for walk-in inquiries from Monday 30 July 2018. This means we are now more visible in our local neighbourhoods working more closely with our customers and communities, so our staff are now less office based.

The next region for the new ways of working to be implemented is Yorkshire. The teams are in training at the moment and the rollout will begin on Monday 10 September. On the same day the office in Sheffield will no longer be open for walk-in inquiries. Again, this will mean we will be more visible in our local neighbourhoods in Sheffield working more closely with our customers and communities.

Our objective is clear: We are here to make life better for our customers, to provide them with homes that meet their needs, support them when required, work with them to create thriving communities and help them to take control of their lives. Our new way of working will improve our chances of achieving the best result for us – and our customers.

If you would like to know more about this new model and how it may affect you or people you represent then please see here or get in touch with our your local head of neighbourhood.

For the Lancashire region, its Fiona Nicholson. She can be reached via email

For Yorkshire, its Raymond Kinsella. He can be reached via email

For more information on our new ways of working click here and to download this notice click here.

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