Great Places is going digital

At Great Places, we are committed to looking for new ways of working which improve efficiency, and embracing new technology. Which is why, in line with our ambition to become more accessible online, we will no longer be printing our customer magazines, My Great Place and Springboard. 

But don’t worry — you will be able to find the same great content, including latest news, training opportunities and money saving advice, on our website. 

The change in the way you receive your news is because here at Great Places we are changing the way we do things — working in a way that is better for both our customers and the business. 

Not only will this save the business thousands of pounds a year, which we can use to improve the services you receive, it will also ensure the information you receive is timely, interactive and relevant to your interests. 

Going digital will also make content more convenient to access at a time that suits you. You will have the most up-to-date community stories at your finger tips instead of having to wait until the next issue of the magazine comes out.

Read about what’s going on in your neighbourhood wherever you are through your smart phone or tablet and share articles on social media in seconds. 

Click here to visit the new My Great Place section of our website. 

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