More Positive Together: 12 months of top outcomes for Great Places

We are excited to share that the Great Places More Positive Together Programme has now been live for a year!

More Positive Together is a Lancashire-wide project which will help 2,250 to improve their skills and employment prospects. We support people to improve their confidence, develop new skills, attend work experience and help them to find employment.  

The programme is running brilliantly and the team in Lancashire have been working hard to get on top of their agreed outcomes. The team have listed their top 10 highlights below. 

1. Signed up and offered support to 124 people.
2. 70% of those we are working with are Great Places customers.
3. Supported 13 homeless people to progress – these include those in very high rent arrears and at risk of eviction. 
4. Helped 26 families into employment, of which five are self-employed ventures.
5. Supporting 23 people over the age of 54.
6. Developed a variety of new partnerships that are supporting us to enhance our offer.
7. Supporting 11 people living with disabilities. 
8. Working with a wide variety of people, including Syrian refugees and those living in rehab centres.
9. Supported 12 Great Places customers into work placements within Great Places.
10. Seeing people's confidence grow every day! 

Keira Burns, Employment and Skills Manager and MPT lead, said: "I am so proud of how well the programme is running and the outcomes we are achieving is just fantastic. We have met some very vulnerable tenants along this journey and it feels good to be able to support them in this way. We are on target to achieve all our outcomes and over-achieve in some areas. It's made a huge difference to the way we can offer support and remove barriers for those who most need it."

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