'I don't know if I'd be here now if it wasn't for St Wilfrid's Place'

Our brand new Independence and Wellbeing service, St Wilfrid's Place in Sheffield, only opened last September but it's already and proving a life-saver for many.

St Wilfrid's offers 20 self-contained flats and the project is now nearly full! Seventeen customers have now moved in, and the last few vacancies have now been filled. 

Emily Cole, Business Manager for Independence and Wellbeing, said: "One of the customers from St Wilfrid’s Place, Russell, came to us while on Weather Watch, which means he was sleeping rough on the streets and had accessed our services because temperatures got dangerously low. He was facing street homelessness after leaving a Christian rehabilitation centre where he learned to grow spiritually and overcome his addiction to alcohol. 

"Russell was in the Christian centre and another one in the south for two years. It changed his life; he learned to control his addiction and enjoyed the community work. 

"Before that he was street homeless as an alcoholic, going from one hostel or friend’s sofa to the next. He said he was very unhappy and didn’t value the right things.

"If Russell hadn’t have come to St Wilfrid’s he was scared that he might have fallen back into his old lifestyle, surrounded by people who drink and take drugs, and he thinks that it wouldn’t have ended well for him.

"He says he loves everything about St Wilfrid’s Place, commenting that colleagues there are polite, compassionate and understanding. 'They are angels, and coming here was a miracle,' he told us. ‘I don’t know if I’d be here now if it wasn't for St Wilfrid's.'" 

"This is fantastic to hear and overall, the service is doing really well. Colleagues there are using the Independence and Wellbeing Framework to upskill customers, ‘doing with not for’ – helping them to become more independent and  gaining the necessary skills they will need to successfully move on from the service."

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