Urgent notification for residents of The Bridge in Timperley

We have just been notified by Electricity Northwest of some urgent work that needs to be carried to the electricity and water supplies in the area tomorrow (Thursday 4 January 2018).

The work will take place from 10am until 6pm. For some residents this will affect both the electric and water supply in their homes, for others it will affect the water only. Residents should have received a letter informing them of whether they would be without water and electric or just water.

Our advice is that before you go to bed tonight:

  • Make sure you store water in your bath - if you have one - and any utensils for drinking water
  • Make sure your taps are all turned off before 10:00am so that when the supply is turned back on there are no water leaks
  • If you will have no electric make sure all your electrical items - kettles, toasters, TV’s, computers etc. - are unplugged before 10:00am and keep your fridge/freezer door closed all day

We appreciate this is a difficult time for all residents. To try and help we have:

  • Made an arrangement at the local pub, the Gardeners Arms, 41 Deansgate Ln, Timperley, Altrincham WA15 6SQ. From 10am there will be hot drinks available throughout the day on production of your letter and also soup at lunchtime.
  • Ensured someone is available to answer any questions on the number below and will work with you to resolve any particular issues you will face due to these works
  • Made sure that Great Places staff be available on site throughout the day and can arrange to supply you with bottled water

Important numbers for you:

  1. Housing Staff: 0161 447 5183 8am – 6pm or out of ours for an emergency on 0300 123 1966
  2. Electricity Northwest is Tel no 105 and the reference for this work is 1051
  3. United Utilities on  0345 672 3723.
  4. Regional Manager Great Places: 07917 527329

Thank you in advance for your patience.

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