It's constantly in the news that our electricity and gas bills are increasing. There are lots of ways these can be managed. Contact our award-winning Environmental Team for your personalised Home Energy Check. Our team will take you step by step on how to use your home as efficiently as possible and save money. Just call us on 0300 123 1966 or email​

Home Energy visits only take place in the Heating season. (September – February)​.

In the meantime find some top tips for saving energy via our energy guide. See link on the right.
Great Places is working hard to improve the efficiency of our homes and have fitted over 600 homes with solar panels.  These have been demonstrating savings to our residents of up to £150 per year. If you have moved into a home with solar panels and aren’t sure how to get the most from them, then contact the environmental team. We’ll pop out and have a chat about how to use them effectively.  Also check out our guide to PVs on the right.
Rointe heating systems user guide


This is an easy to follow video which can show you how to use the controls on the Rointe heating system in your home.  Should you have an difficulties setting the heating, please contact the who will be able to arrange a visit.