Aids and adaptations

We want you, our customers, to enjoy the comfort of your own home and to be as independent as possible.

If you or someone in your home has a disability, illness, or is recovering from a stay in hospital, we can sometimes change the design of your home, or the fittings in it, to help you. These changes are known as aids and adaptations.

Aids and adaptations fall into two categories: minor adaptations and major adaptations.

Minor Adaptations 

These are smaller alterations to a home, where the cost is less than £1,000. Examples of minor adaptions include grab rails, lever taps, door entry equipment, and key safes.

We will usually pay for these alterations without requiring a written recommendation from an occupational therapist. 

If you feel you would benefit from a minor adaptation in your home, you can request one by contacting our Customer Access Team on 0300 123 1966 or emailing


If we are able to make the change to your home, you can expect the work to be completed by our in house repairs team within 28 days.

Major Adaptations 

These are larger adaptations to your home, which may involve some structural alterations to the property, for example stair lifts, level access showers and ramps.

Before we can begin any major adaptations, we will first need a written recommendation from an occupational therapist and will need to consider if these recommendations are reasonable and practical for the property. We will also meet with you to make an assessment. 

If the work is substantial we may suggest that you consider moving to a more suitable home, which is better equipped for your needs. However, we will of course discuss these options with you in detail should this be necessary.

If you feel you require a major adaption to your home, you will need to apply for Disabled Facilities Grant, as major adaptations are funded and carried out by your local council. This is means tested so you will need to complete a means test form. If you are receiving benefits, then you will most likely not have to contribute towards the cost of the work.

The local council will then undertake the work using their approved contractors, however it is important to note that there are often waiting lists for adaptations.

If you are unsure about the adaptation process or if you have a general question, please contact our Customer Access Team on 0300 123 1966 or emailing