Neighbour issues

What is a neighbour dispute?
Problems with your neighbours can take many forms. It may be that you’re not happy with the noise levels coming from a certain house, that there are disputes over boundaries and gardens, problems with communal areas, harassment and violence, or local children causing nuisance. Don’t suffer in
silence. You and your neighbours are entitled to enjoy your own homes – the key to this is respect for each other and tolerance.

Discuss it
Before reporting problems or getting others involved, try to discuss the problem with your neighbour.

Let us know
If you have tried to reason with those responsible but have failed, please get in touch with us in person, phone or email. You don’t have to tell us who you are at this stage, but if you can tell us the names of all the people involved it may help.

Please click the link on the right for contact details. If you need to call us out of office hours, please contact our Customer Access Team (CAT) on: 0300 123 1966 and select ASB reporting line option.