Home fire safety

Never smoke in bed!

If you’re feeling drowsy, are drinking alcohol or are taking prescription drugs, take extra care when smoking. It’s really easy to fall asleep and not notice that a cigarette is still burning. Don’t light up if you need to lie down and never smoke in bed.

Chip pan fire safety

Around 16,000 domestic fires every year are started by chip pan fires. Use a deep-fat-fryer instead or better still, use oven chips. If you have a chip pan fire never put water on it, don’t tackle the fire yourself. Turn off the heat if it is safe to do so. Get out, stay out and call 999.

Fit a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm could save the lives of you and your family in a fire. You can pick up smoke alarms for as little as £5 or even ask the fire service to fit one for you for free! Always test your smoke alarm regularly and replace a flat battery straight away. 

Don’t leave cooking unattended

More than half of accidental fires in the home are started in the kitchen. It is easy to be distracted while cooking and leave things unattended. Avoid cooking if you’re tired, have been drinking alcohol or taking medication that can make you drowsy.

Get a free home-fire-safety check

Did you know you can get a free home-fire-safety check? Call your local fire service on their general enquiries number and they will visit to fit smoke alarms and give safety advice on keeping your home and family as safe as possible.

If you require more information on fire safety or you are looking to book a home fire safety check, please visit your local fire service website below:

Cheshire Fire Service

Greater Manchester Fire Service

Lancashire Fire Service

South Yorkshire Fire Service

Merseyside Fire Service​​