Hate Crime

Do you suffer from, or are you aware of, incidents or harassment motivated by hate, such as someone’s race or being gay?

If so, please don’t let yourself or others suffer in silence. If you tell us, we will help. We are committed to stamping out hate behaviour.

What is Hate Crime?
If someone commits a criminal offence against you or your property that is motivated by a person’s hate or prejudice because of your:
• Race, colour, ethnicity, nationality or national origin
• Religion
• Gender or gender identity
• Sexual orientation (includes homophobia or transphobia)
• Disability

Being a victim of this kind of crime can be a particularly frightening experience as you have been victimised because of who you are, or who, or what, your attacker thinks you are.

It can take many forms including:
• Physical assault
• Damage to property or offensive graffiti
• Arson
• Verbal threats or abusive gestures
• Offensive letters/leaflets/posters
• Abusive or obscene phone calls
• Abusive language
• Intimidating groups/gangs
• Malicious complaints
• Rubbish dumping at your home
• Bullying at school or work

What should you do if it happens to you or someone you know?
Don’t retaliate: you could risk violence or make the situation worse. By reporting it, you may be able to prevent these crimes from happening to someone else.

Asking for help
We know that sometimes this is the hardest part but the sooner you ask us
for help, the better. We promise to take all reports of harassment seriously. You can report any incident in confidence – you do not have to tell us who you are but if you can tell us the names of all the people involved, it may help us sort out the problem more quickly.

Please click the link on the right for contact details. If you need to call us out of office hours, please contact our Customer Access Team (CAT) on: 0300 123 1966 and select ASB reporting line option.