Be sure when you open the door


Theft doesn’t always involve breaking and entering. Some criminals use distraction or fraud to steal – usually from the most vulnerable.


In order to prevent these incidents and protect yourself from fraudsters, please always follow these steps:


  1. Treat anyone you don’t know who comes to your door without an appointment as suspicious.
  2. Always ask for identification. Anyone visiting your home from Great Places will always carry ID and in most cases will arrive in a Great Places branded vehicle. If anyone claiming to be from Great Places comes to your door, you are entitled to ask for ID and should always do so.
  3. If you are still unsure, call Great Places. Be sure to close the door and ask the caller to wait outside while you call, rather than inviting them in. Call 0300 123 1966 and we can confirm if you should be expecting a member of the Great Places team.
  4. Never give cash upfront. Great Places will never ask for cash payments upfront in exchange for repairs and maintenance. If anyone does ask for money and claims to be from Great Places, ask the caller to leave and contact us using the number above.
  5. If you live alone or feel you may be more vulnerable to fraudsters, arrange with a trusted neighbour or a member of your family who lives nearby to be your ‘Nominated Neighbour’. This is someone you can call to help you confirm the identity of any person who calls at your door and accompany them into your home while they speak to you.

If you’re looking for further guidance on preventing door-to-door fraud, the GMP website has plenty of useful information available. Click here for their advice on avoiding doorstep crime, or click here to download ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’ which covers all types of fraud.