How to make a complaint

Our staff are trained to deal with customer complaints fairly and in a timely manner and will keep you informed during their investigations. We have developed a simple three-step process for resolving customer complaints:

Step 1 - Nip it in the bud

When you first inform us that you are unhappy with Great Places, our frontline staff will try to resolve your complaint within 5 working days. Our Nip it in the bud step is an informal process where we will try to find a quick and effective resolution without the need for sending letters or long investigations. Our frontline team are empowered to provide the most appropriate resolution without the need for our service managers to get involved.

Step 2 – Right first time

If we cannot ‘nip your complaint in the bud’ we will allocate your complaint to a relevant service manager. Our Right first time approach means you will receive a full and final response to your complaint within 15 working days. 

We place significant importance on communication when dealing with a formal complaint and you will therefore receive regular communication throughout the investigation. You will then receive a formal confirmation letter explaining the services manager's findings and offer of resolution.
Step 3 – Independent resolution

Our Right first time approach to dealing with formal complaints should ensure that we provide a fair resolution following a thorough and timely investigation. 

If you do not feel that our final resolution is fair, you have the option to refer your complaint for independent resolution. These are:
Referral to a designated person
Referral to the housing ombudsman

Quality of service

If you feel that we have not followed our procedures correctly or have failed to take into account the full details of your complaint, you should contact our CAT team, the following ways:

If evidence is found that we have failed to follow our procedures correctly, or take into account the full details of your complaint, we will appoint an independent manager and trained tenant representative to review your complaint and provide a full response within 15 working days.